Monday, October 25, 2010

It's 2010, and I would like my flying car, please.


Two ways you'll know the future has arrived, according to the gospel of The Jetsons: we have mouthy robot servants to manage our lives, and we all drive flying cars or have personal jetpacks.  

Well, I don't see any robots around (at least ones that don't scare the bejeebus out of me by tripping and falling squarely into the uncanny valley, a la this specimen) , but jetpacks and flying cars are getting closer to becoming a reality.

Case in point: the Transition.  I say getting closer, because to me this still looks mostly like a plane (although it becomes more VW-bug like when the wings are folded up).  It's only a mere $10,000 to be put on the waiting list behind 70 other prospective futurists, and a cool $194,000 expected sticker price.  Added drag: total fuel hog.  So yeah, we're closer but not quite there yet.  Show me one that runs on renewable energy, and maybe I'll get in line.

Sadly, that's still science fiction for now.

I'm still waiting for my jetpack, too.