Monday, July 12, 2010

The adventures of Tiny Cthulhu

I recently adopted a tiny cthulhu courtesy of the fabulous Cthulhu Chick.  It was a tough choice picking just one, since there were a lot of cute ones, but we eventually decided on ours.  He arrived a couple of days ago.

At first, he was a bit shy.

But then he got around to meeting the new neighbors:

Introductions were made.

Soon, he was making friends and learning the local customs!

Some of these encounters were not as hospitable as he expected....uh oh!  Fortunately, he was rescued before any misunderstandings could occur (editor's note: no cthulhus were harmed in the making of this adventure).

In no time at all, Tiny Cthulhu was right at home.  Hey, Tiny Cthulhu, what are you doing in there?

Tiny Cthulhu, isn't that MY drink?  Who are you calling?


The reign of terror has begun.

Hee!  Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed doing it.  There may be further adventures of Tiny Cthulhu at a later date, once everyone has come out of hiding.  In the meantime, here's an outtake.  Cthulhu, The Bitening:


  1. Hope Cthulhu survives! Hope the kitties survive. ;)

    Very awesome set of pics. Made my morning. :)

  2. I love the "call" of Cthulhu. :)

  3. @Ruth thanks :) I'm sure they will.

  4. @Aramis :D I was hoping that would come across. Hehe. modern cthulhu uses a cellphone!

  5. Ah, too adorable. Cthulhu's and cats are an amusing combination.

    Girls Are Geeks

  6. @Rosalind Thanks! :) The hard part was keeping the cats from eating Tiny Cthulhu. A bit TOO friendly!

  7. Tiny Cthulhu kind of scares me. We sure it didn't escape from John Hurt's stomach?

  8. @T.J. He's the cutest elder god of 'em all! But yeah, probable.

  9. Cthulhu needs to be an ongoing Sci Fi Sweetheart series.

  10. @Jerome I'm sure we could make that happen :)