Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That's no moon....

Yesterday, the lovely Jessica of Bacon, Baking and Everything in Between made a surprise for my birthday.

It wasn't just any surprise.  This was full of win.  The reason it's featured on the blog?  Just see for yourself:

A mini-Death Star, in cake form!  The laser is a PEZ candy, and the protective shielding is pure cream cheese frosting goodness.  Fortunately, it had no time to blow up a planet (or my desk), because it was devoured by coworkers in about 15 minutes flat.

Our taste buds could not handle taste of that magnitude!


  1. @Terry I'm so impressed; I could never make a round cake. It would probably come out looking like the DS post-explosion.

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm so happy you liked it and knew it was the Death Star. :)

  3. I'm guessing many Bothans died to get that cake recipe...especially if the cupcakes (mmm) were any indication :)

  4. @Takajose :D Yeah, they were super tasty.