Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend DIY Sci Fi

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Well, if you're anything like me, then all you're looking to do first is relax, recover from the week with a good book and a delicious drink.  However, once that's out of the way, some of these geeky DIY projects may interest you.
  1. Miss Portal?  Make yourself a Companion Cube tissue box cover.  If you're feeling bakery, try making the Portal Cake.
  2. Here's something that takes less time: make your own blob (ok, it's crazy putty, but still).  Messy AND cool.  Note: rolling it over household objects will not net you a katamari, but you can make one out of Play Doh like this creative fan.  
  3. Want something to spruce up your lair?  Check out this dragon instructable that you can hang from a wall. 
  4. Feeling dwarven and up to something a little more adventurous?  Make this micro-forge and create some small metalworking projects.
  5. If you're feeling like baking AND playing D&D, why not make this pecan pie d20?  Perhaps not the most practical project on the list, it will certainly meet with approval from your gamer friends.  I'm pretty sure it rolls a critical hit just by existing.
  6. Want to add a little more depth to a campaign, make some art, or just make your manuscript look awesome? Check out this Pages of a Forbidden Tome Make project.
  7. Got someplace geeky to go but nothing to wear? Make yourself a corset (3 part series - might take longer than just one weekend.).
  8. For something cute and also fairly quick, make a free range monster.  Adorable.  
  9. Finally, via Jessica, an easy way to raise the geek-factor of your next get-together: cupcake molds in the form of nomskulls and yumbots.  Cute!

Other fantastic DIY ideas:


  1. @Terry Perhaps something to think about for the geek cookbook, if it's not online only!

  2. That's where I was going -- at least for flyers about it to go in comic book stores, etc.